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The Plant Files

Some tips thrown here and there

2/2/05 06:53 pm - vejiraziel - Textures through coloring

As we know, shadding a picture is supposed to give it volume, depth and more outstanding. However, shadding is a tricky issue when it comes to achieving the correct effects.

Something that's important to remember is that every single material around us is different and has different properties when it comes to reflecting the light. The key of shadding is interacting with the light. Independently of what kind of shadding you use, from cell type shadding, to blocks of solids and softs, etc., every material has a different behaviour when reflecting the light. The way you play with shadows and lightnings on your coloring and the color combinations can easily differenciate each different material of what you're coloring.

On this tutorial I'll show how the metallic/cromatic effect color theory works. I'll be using a soft shadding myself which requires a lot more of workd blending it, but the basics behind the effect are the same on any type of shadding.

Onto the tutorialCollapse )

1/12/05 11:24 pm - vejiraziel - Painter Tutorial: Drawing/Coloring in Painter Classic

Okaaaay, Time for another tutorial. This time it's a tutorial about Corel Painter Classic. If you've bought a graphic pen-tablet of the brand "Wacom" chances are you've got this software included with your purchase.

I'm basing this tutorial on Painter Classic Ver. 1 since it's the version that came with tablets until last year. If the differences between painter Classic 1 and 2 are too many and you'd like me to make a tutorial, you're gonna have to find a way to get me a copy of your version so I can work out the differences.

I won't point bit by bit what each kind of 'brushes' you have avaible in Painter. I'll point out and explain the basics, later on you can mess with each type of brush avaible to you and experiment. Remember, what I am showing here is just my way of doing things, there are as many ways as you can think of. Experimentation is the key of developping your own ways to do certain things.

Now, onto our tutorial. It's preferable that you're using a pen-tablet for this software, since the pressure sensitivity of the pen is heavily taken advantage of by Painter.

Painter ClassicCollapse )

12/20/04 04:29 am - vejiraziel - Tutorial Numbah One!

Hello people :o I made a small tutorial about an oekaki applet that's relatively new to us non Japan residents! The Shi Paint applet!.

This will be the first part in which I'll introduce some new features that weren't avaible to us in our good ol' friend Paint BBS. I'll make a more in-depth tutorial about this applet and its functions later on, I'm a bit sleepy right now. X3;; Shall we begin?.

Shi Pain Oekaki BBSCollapse )
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